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We are a Sicilian Family run Pizzeria - Gelateria based on the Evesham High Street making authentic artisan Pizza and Gelato since 2010.
Our Gelato is lovingly crafted by our in house Gelataio, we use only the freshest milk and cream directly from a local farm to create authentic Italian Gelato.

Our home homemade Pizza is made by our expert Pizzaiolo using the finest local ingredients and everyone's favourite topping from Italy. Our dough is made using a slow maturation process using a local cotswold flour mill.
In 2019 we won the award Favourite Restaurant promoted by Worcestershire Vale & Spa.
We have recently converted a vintage Rice Horsetrailer from which we sell our gelato at weddings, private parties and festivals so there will always be an occasion to enjoy a little piece of Sicily ;) 

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